Sirloin Steak

Homestead Beef

  • Sirloin comes from the centre of the animal, between the fore rib and the rump. It is in fact the same tender, lightly marbled muscle as the ribeye, just further back on the animal, which means the steaks are larger.

  • If you are browsing the internet, Sirloin can get confusing because different countries have different names for the same cut of meat.

    What American’s call Sirloin we call Rump. What we call Sirloin, Americans call a New York Strip, or just Strip Steak, because the Fillet (what they call Tenderloin) has been stripped away. Confused yet? Well it is also called a top loin steak, and if it’s left on the bone, a Kansas City Strip, something you may see in the UK called a Wing Rib.

    Whatever! It tastes great.

  • Sold fresh and frozen

Collections: BBQ Season, The Beef

Type: Steak

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