Silverside Roasting Joint

Homestead Beef

  • Silverside is very similar to Topside, but has a little gristle running through it. Don’t let this put you off: the meat is still just as lean and full of flavour, you just need to cook it differently. Silverside is best braised; that is, cooked slowly in a pot with liquid. Any gristle will then just melt away.

  • Silverside is the adjacent muscle to the Topside (which is the Adductor muscle) and is separated from it by a silver wall of connective tissue, which is how it gets its name. The primary muscle is the biceps femoris, which ends up as the cap of the rump, the Picanha.

    Silverside and Topside are leg muscles. The American names “Outside Round” and “Inside Round” are probably better descriptions: Silverside is from the outer thigh of the animal, Topside from the inner thigh.

    Traditionally Silverside has been used to make Salt Beef, an art we think should be revived.

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