24 Facts About Homestead Beef for #Farm24

24 Facts About Homestead Beef for #Farm24

August 09, 2018

Today is #Farm24, a whole day dedicated to celebrating farming across social media. To join in with the fun, we decided to share 24 things about our farm and business!

1. Our cattle are all rare breed, pedigree Shetlands, which are a tough and hardy native breed originating from the Shetland Isles. Shetlands are generally intelligent, calm, but absolutely not docile: our cows are independent and strong willed.
2. Our beef is advertised as "pasture-fed" because our cattle feed only on grass, hay and meadow plants.
3. Some of our cattle conservation graze on the field next to Samphire Hoe, on the White Cliffs of Dover!
4. We don't just produce beef on the farm, we also have rare breed pigs that we keep at the Homestead seasonally.
5. We keep our cattle for nearly three years before they are sent to slaughter. The extra time gives the beef more chance to develop a rich flavour and incomparable tenderness.
6. We make our delicious quarter pounders in house and we only use 100% British beef - we don't even add seasoning!

7. We have a Twitter and Facebook page - twitter.com/homesteadf or Facebook.com/HomesteadBeef - give us a follow!
8. We have 47 cattle in our herd currently, who live across 5 different fields.
9. We attend several different farmers markets in the area including ones in Dover and Ashford. Visit our events page for all our upcoming markets - https://www.facebook.com/HomesteadBeef/events/
10. Although we have had the farm and herd for a few years now, we have only just started our online order and delivery service, which you can check out here www.homestead.farm
11. We deliver our beef free of charge to any address within 20 miles of Dover, with no minimum spend!
12. We are a small family farm, with the business being run by the Rowe family and their two employees - Linda and Katie.
13. The real bosses of the farm are our two farm dogs - Jack and Max, and part-time farm dog - Lily.
14. In addition to our dogs, we also have chickens and a horse to keep us busy.
15. We are on a mission to bring back beef sausages to the nation! Check them out on our website - https://homestead.farm/…/homestead-b…/products/beef-sausages
16. If you like cute photos and videos of cows and pigs, be sure to follow us on Instagram - www.instagram.com/homesteadbeef
17. All of our animals on the farm live free range and outdoors all year-round.
18. Our meat is extremely affordable, as we price match local supermarkets but offer a much higher quality product. Check our beef out here - www.homestead.farm
19. The whole of the Homestead Beef team is made up of first generation farmers.
20. Our cows live in family groups with mothers, daughters and sons all sharing the same fields, preserving the complex social bonds of the herd. We believe that keeping cows in natural groups makes them more content, and happy cows make better beef.

21. All of our calves are weaned naturally: young female calves (called heifers) will wean themselves at around nine months; male calves get weaned by their mothers whether they want to be or not!
22. You can place an order with us online www.homestead.farm, by giving us a call on 01304 800230 or by sending an email to shop@homestead.farm
23. We believe beef to be one of the most versatile meats, on a winter's evening can you really beat a beef stew with dumplings? And on a sunny weekend, what's better than a beef burger on the BBQ?
24. Our beef is hung for three weeks before we sell it, giving the meat a more concentrated flavour and tender consistency.

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